Tailored solutions

Allow us, specialists in technology to decide, which one will suits best for your solution. We keep the development process transparent so you can observe and react at each level of planning, design and development of the solution.
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We are passionate
about technology.

That’s why our core mission is to provide highest quality hardware and software solutions to support your business. It all starts with a deep understanding of your business problem. Our expertise and knowledge about latest technologies combined with an individual approach to each customer results in high end solution. The process of solution delivery is complex so we recommend running it step by step with our client. Keeping transparency of work at each step of the process we can be sure that client is fully satisfied.

Process of solution
delivery starts from discussion.

We would like to better understand the problem and its environment.
When we learn more about the problem than we plan the solution, choose the best technology for it and present the architecture of the solution. Before we start the development we care about UX and best design of the solution.

Not ready with definition
of your project/problem?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can consult us about your project or problem. The consultation will speed up a planning process.




A tailored system which is responsible for communication between home security system and mobile application. Our team has designed the architecture of this solution and design and develop mobile application on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms. As a benefit we have developed a system which allows for system monitoring and simplifies system maintenance.

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A web platform which is dedicated for farmers. The system has three parts: mobile application, website and server application. Whole platforms deliver farmers essential information about weather forecasts, prices of grain, type and amount of fertilizer which they have to use to get the best crops. Mobile application allows for field work monitoring and jobs registration what provides better.

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