Marketing tools

We cooperate with marketing agencies delivering products equipped with wide variety of technology. On the other hand check our products which have strong marketing potential.


Merck fair
application on iOS:

as a result of cooperation with Mulititap marketing agency we have delivered an iOS mobile application which was dedicated to one of the fairs to promote Merck products.

for GSTP

A mobile application for Gdansk Science and Technology Park which benefits from our product IndoorNavi (an indoor location and navigation system). This mobile app provide users information about newest events, list of companies (with navigation to the choosen one), contact information to the GSTP and scientific activities for kids at local edupark.

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Multitap iOS app
to promote
Transformers 4 Movie

An iOS mobile application to promote Transformers 4 Movie. Mobile App was a front end for a kinect base application which uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to change any visitor into a transformer in real time.

Blast Lab beacons
for I-Leo

I Leo is a mobile application on iOS and Android designed and developed by Syrius Group. I Leo mobile app benefits from Blast Lab beacons which are located with small lion statues around city of Gdańsk. Our beacons works as a trigger to provide additional information for tourists located nearby characteristic places and beacons are important part of gamification process.

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