Dedictated hardware

Hardware is hard. Hence we prefer to run a transparent process and keep the client informed about the cost of the product delivery at each stage.

We feel strong in IoT projects, especially in projects where sensors are responsible for data collection and our device is responsible for data delivery to the cloud. In hardware project we have also a road map which we follow every time. We do not start next step unless we complete the previous one.

  • discussion
  • planning
  • design&prototype
  • manufacture
  • support

Internet of Things means a network of devices,

physical objects or systems connected to the Internet. It has a much broader meaning than M2M and can be applied in almost every field such as environmental monitoring, energy or infrastructure management, automation, healthcare, medical systems or transportation to name just a few. Connection of various devices to the Internet has numerous advantages, and will have a tremendous impact on our future.


Using our knowledge and expertise, we also offer consultancy services regarding selection of most suitable hardware solution for your business. Do you have a project inquiry? Great - contact us! We will see what we can do for you.

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Dust Sensor

A device which gathers data about air pollution. It was intentionally portable and through mobile device delivered data to the cloud.

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Panic Button

A device dedicated to bailiffs, security and field operational agents. A pocket size device which has a microphone on top. With single click it connects to security centre and transfers agent location data and starts voice transmission. With double click it sends “help” request to the operational centre.

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A 3d light sensor which measures the light intensity in a defined point. The device detects the direction and intensity of the light. Based on this information it is possible to generate a virtual shadow based on real light.

"Wine" sensor

A device which measures temperature and shakes. The device can work up to 10 years on a single battery. It is a perfect solution for sensitive object transportation or storage (like wine bottles).